Johnson City Library

Mission Statement, Goals and Objectives

Mission, Goals, and Objectives

 The Johnson City Library strives to provide, on equal terms, services and programs to all individuals and groups in Blanco County to help meet their social and educational needs.

“Connecting people with each other and the world”


 Goal 1: Educational/Enrichment Opportunities


  1. Provide Personal Enrichment
  2. Provide Educational Enrichment


Goal II: Increase Marketing and Promotional Outreach


  1. Increase library’s presence in printed materials

            Use more technology based promotions

            Improve the library’s personal outreach

Goal III: Improve Partnership Opportunities


  1. Build better partnerships with local businesses and non-profits
  2. Improve partnerships with schools/educational organizations
  3. Piggy-back on local events


Goal IV: Grow I.T. Based on Needs


  1. Develop/improve I.T. based programs
  2. Develop/maintain Infrastructure