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Library News and Events

Thursday November 29th Join us to watch the documentary "Reel Injun" a journey into Hollywood's Depiction of Native American's in film

Family Christmas Crafts December 18th 6PM

Join us for an evening of music, snacks and crafts as we get jolly with some polymer clay crafts and Christmas crafts.  With any luck you can have a couple Christmas gifts.  Please register by calling the library 830-868-4469

Library patron, Lupe, voted for the first time, this week! Congratulations!

Blanco County’s Newest Voter

The Johnson City Library is so pleased to introduce Lupe Tabullo who earned her
American citizenship with help at the library’s ESL class. Teacher Judy Matthews
supported Lupe through the almost one year process. The ESL class went together to
early vote this week and cheered Lupe’s first time to vote! The ESL class meets
Mondays and Wednesdays, and classes include path to citizenship and GED. Contact
the library at 830-868-4469 or stop by.

Shout it out to your friends and family, one more day in November for DIY Crafts!

Cricut Lab is open to use, come in or call for details. 

When you think of the library what comes to mind...?

We strive to about more than books, rather a social hub, a place to connect both online and off.  

Check out what our Discovery Academy is up while learning coding.  This project taught us how to use debugging techniques to find errors in our paths.