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Book Adventures with a Buddy

Being able to read fluently and comprehend what you read is critical for success in school. Here are some things to watch for that may suggest that your child is a struggling reader. Does your child: •Have difficulty remembering lessons? •Hate to read aloud? •Guess at words? •Continue to need to sound out most words on a page? •Struggle as he is working to sound out the words? •Read slowly with a very choppy sound? •Complain that he or she doesn't understand what he or she's read? If so, sign your child up for the Johnson City Library program Book Adventures with a Buddy.  Children read to adults who are not critical, and gently offer help to improve reading skills. By sticking with this practice, children  can improve their reading level. Book Adventures will start in September.  Please contact the library at 830-868-4469 to get more information and register for the program.