Johnson City Library

Giving Goddess Grant

Johnson City Library is one of three finalists for the Giving Goddess grant. Should we win, we would use the funds for our sustainability project with a water catchment to irrigate our pollinator gardens.

About the project

Since the American Library Association encourages sustainability as a core value of librarianship, the Johnson City Library is seeking funding from the Giving Goddess Grant to teach sustainability. Our plan is to install a rainwater catchment tank to irrigate two pollinator gardens and design a path around the library with educational signage on why rainwater catchment is beneficial; what  pollinator gardens are and how they benefit butterflies and people; and how we can all do more to support our environment. The two planned gardens will encourage healthy lifestyles by providing space to rest and reflect, and encourage intergenerational education and programming. Members of the community, volunteers, and high school students, will come together to create an exceptional space that will enhance the library and Blanco County, and create an awareness of the library- we are more than books! All Giving Goddesses, and the public would be invited to a grand opening and recognized for their support. Thank you. We look forward to working together.

If you are interested in becoming a Giving Goddess, please see the info below:

Want to Turn your $100 donation into $10,000? Become a Giving Goddess. The founders of the Blanco Non-Profit Coalition (the same ladies who brought you Wild Woman Weekend) are looking for generous women to join us in our latest effort to help our small community.
Let’s face it, girls, we love doing things together (we don’t even go to the ladies room alone). Why should “giving” be any different? We can join together to have a real impact on a local non-profit organization. We are looking for 100 generous women willing to donate $100. Here is how it works:

1) Area non-profits will submit an application for the Giving Goddesses Grant.

2) A screening committee will score the applications and name three finalists.

3) The Giving Goddesses (ladies who have given $100 to the program through the Blanco Non-Profit Coalition) will gather for a fun event. (Of course we would have a party!!

4) Each finalist will have five minutes for a representative to tell us why her organization should receive the grant.

5) Following all presentations, the Goddesses will vote by secret ballot.

6) Ballots will be counted while we ladies enjoy music, food, a silent auction and gal-pal time.

7) The winner will be announced and a check for the amount collected will be presented to the winning organization. right on the spot. How fun will that be?!

Sound simple? It is!!! If the organization you voted for doesn’t win, you can always make a separate donation to that entity. If you wish to give more than $100 we won’t stop you! There are only two (2) rules for being a Giving Goddess 1) donate at least $100 and 2) you must be present at the event to cast your vote or trust your fellow Giving Goddesses to pick the best organization for this year’s grant.

Please be a Giving Goddess, tell your friends, follow us on social media and, if at all possible, plan to join us at the event. We girls love a good party—especially a party with a purpose!
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